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KDE Connect

“KDE Connect” connects an Android device with your KDE Desktop and enables it to send notifications and more to your Desktop.

KDE Connect consists of two parts:

  • An Android app, see here.
  • The application for KDE, see below.

Features of KDE Connect

  • Share files with your Desktop
  • Share clipboard
  • Show notifications on your Desktop (Android 4.3+ only)
  • Remote control your MultiMedia applications
  • Uses a RSA encryption for the connection
  • much more…

Install KDE Connect on your Desktop

An article about the installation is here (German).

The most important commands are:

git clone git://
cd kdeconnect-kde
make install
qdbus org.kde.kded /kded loadModule kdeconnect
kbuildsycoca5 -noincremental
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