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-Moved to files in KDE/​SC====== 
 +KDE SC uses several directories on your filesystem ​to store temporary files. Most of those files are unneccesary and can be removed when KDE is not running; at least I do that :P 
 +Those directories are (defaults in Gentoo): 
 +  * /​tmp/​kde-$USER 
 +  * /​var/​tmp/​kdecache-$USER/​ 
 +  * /​tmp/​ksocket-$USER/​ 
 +More information about those directories can be found [[​Outside_the_Directory_Tree|here]]. 
 +=====Disadvantages of different places for files===== 
 +  * If one uses an encrypted filesystem for ''​/home''​ only, sensible data is still accessible in the non encrypted / filesystem. 
 +  * Also in a fully encrypted filesystem you may want to have your data in your user directory. 
 +  * In my case I don't like the amout of data that is used on my very small ''/''​ partition. 
 +=====Adapt paths===== 
 +With environment variables one can tell KDE to use other paths for those directories. 
 +KDE uses ''​KDETMP''​ and ''​KDEVARTMP''​. To change them while KDE starts, create the file '''​'''​ in ''​$KDEHOME/​env'':​ 
 +<code bash> 
 +export KDETMP="/​home/​username/.kde4/​temporary/"​ 
 +export KDEVARTMP="/​home/​username/​.kde4/​temporary/"​ 
 +#KDE does not create both directories,​ they must exist already on KDE's start. 
 +[ -d $KDETMP ] || mkdir -p $KDETMP 
 +[ -d $KDEVARTMP ] || mkdir -p $KDEVARTMP 
 +It is important that the file ends with ''​.sh''​ so KDE really executes it. Technical information about this can be found [[http://​​Session_Environment_Variables|here]]. 
 +Do not forget to make it executable:​ 
 +  chmod a+x 
 +The script checks whether both directories exist and creates them if, because KDE fails to start if they do not exist. 
 +Now you have the following directories in ''/​home/​username/​.kde4'':​ 
 +  * kdecache-username 
 +  * kde-username 
 +  * ksocket-username 
 +The first directory can be removed from time to time, the last two can be removed on startup/​shutdown of your system on a regular basis. 
 +{{tag>​KDE KDE_SC SC Desktop Temporary files}}
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