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PulseAudio on Linux

/linux/pulseaudioSome collected information about PulseAudio on Linux on Linux.

A good documentation about PulseAudio can be found here:

CLI programmes for PulseAudio


With this tool one can record audio files from PulseAudio or play to PulseAudio.

On Gentoo the tools paplay, parec, parecord und pamon are symlinks for the pacat binary.

To record everything from PulseAudio you can use the following command: <source hightlight“bash”>pacat -r -n recording_input –file-format=wav /tmp/test.wav</source>


This tool is used to reconfigure a running PulseAudio daemon.

There is an interactive shell available: <source hightlight=“bash”>pacmd Welcome to PulseAudio! Use “help” for usage information.


Available commands:

  help                      Show this help
  list-modules              List loaded modules
  list-cards                List cards
  list-sinks                List loaded sinks


One can also send commands with pacmd directly.


With this tool one can control a running PulseAudio daemon; though I didn't understand the difference between pacmd and pactl, yet.


This is a PulseAudio OSS wrapper. With this tool one can run programmes, which support OSS only, together with PulseAudio.

GUI programmes for PulseAudio




There are many modules which can be added/removed while PulseAudio is running. Also one can add them through configuration files.

A complete list of all available modules is available at [ hier].

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