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Interconnect-Bot with Mumble-Ruby

The Interconnect-Bot created by dafoxia is based on Mumble-Ruby and uses the new ability to receive sound, see here.

This howto was created using a Debian 7 „Wheezy“.

We want to connect two channels of two different Mumble servers with the Interconnect-Bot. The bot works both on servers using the CELT and Opus.




Install dependencies

apt-get install curl libyaml-dev git libopus-dev build-essential zlib1g zlib1g-dev

Create a new user

adduser interconnect

Login as the new user

su - interconnect

All following commands are executed as the user interconnect.

Install Ruby

curl -L | bash -s stable
source ~/.rvm/scripts/rvm
rvm autolibs disable
rvm install 2.1.1
rvm --create use @interconnect

Install opus-ruby

git clone
cd opus-ruby/
rvm use @interconnect
gem build opus-ruby.gemspec
rvm @interconnect do gem install opus-ruby-*.gem
cd ..

Install celt-ruby from dafoxia

One must use the repository from dafoxia because the original repository doesn't have a decoder.

git clone
cd celt-ruby/
rvm use @interconnect
gem build celt-ruby.gemspec
rvm @interconnect do gem install celt-ruby-*.gem
cd ..

Install mumble-ruby from dafoxia

One must use the repository from dafoxia…

git clone
cd mumble-ruby
rvm use @interconnect
gem build mumble-ruby.gemspec
rvm @interconnect do gem install mumble-ruby-*.gem
cd ..

rumble-bots installieren

This collection contains Interconnect-Bot that we need.

git clone
cd rumble-bots
rvm use @interconnect

Configure the bot and your Mumble-Server channel structure

Configure the bot

Edit the file Interconnect.rb in the directory ~/rumble-bots.

At the end of the file you find the settings, which you can change as following to interconnect dafoxia´s and Natenoms server.

#   connection configuation
@server1_name = ""
@server1_port = 64739
@server1_bitrate = 72000
@server1_channel = "Interconnect Room"
@server1_awaychan = "Interconnect Away"
@server1_time2away = 20
@server1_time2disconnect = 50
@server1_BotName = "IC_Server1"
@server2_name = ""
@server2_port = 64738
@server2_bitrate = 72000
@server2_channel = "Interconnect Room"
@server2_awaychan = "Interconnect Away"
@server2_time2away = 20
@server2_time2disconnect = 50
@server2_BotName = "IC_Server2"

#   ensure that all names are allowed on the server and
#   all channels exists!
#   otherwise the bot will stutter or stop to work!

Channel structure on both Mumble servers

Both servers must have the following channels in their tree:

  • Server1:
  • Server2:

Run the bot

cd rumble-bots
rvm use @interconnect
ruby Interconnect.rb

After the next login one must run the first line again in order to establish the neccessary environment for the bot.


Here you can find an alternative setup for two normal Mumble clients which is much more complicated :P

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