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Inofficial Mumble client for Android

The official Plumble logo

Plumble is the best inofficial Mumble client for Android devices. It was developed by Andrew Comminos and is available under the GPLv3 and Apache v2 licenses.

This page refers to the new Plumble 3, a description of the old client Plumble 2.0 (Legacy) can be found here.

Development of Plumble was discontinued 2016. There is a fork, named Mumla, see here.

General information about Mumble on Android can be found here.

The client appears in the server log as

Android: Plumble <Version>

Plumble 3 was released: see here.

Die Geschichte von Plumble 3 Der Code von pcgod wurde durch den Entwickler Andrew Comminos mit eigenen Code ersetzt, einen Bericht dazu gibt es im Blog, siehe hier.

Der Client gibt sich beim Server aus als Android: Plumble <Version>.


Plumble related news can be found in my blog, see here.


Plumble needs at least Android 2.3.x.

Download Plumble


Both Plumble and Jumble are licensed under the GPLv3.


Plumble is currently available in English, German, French and Polish; not all languages are complete yet. You can help to improve these languages or add new ones on Transifex, see here.


The backend Plumble uses is called Jumble. This backend is responsible for all functions in Plumble. See here.

Quelltexte / Code


Screenshots von Plumble 3.2

Older screenshots

Creating a certificate

On the first start Plumble automatically creates a new client certificate.

You need a certificate to be able to register/being registered on a Mumble server.

See also the advantages of a registration.

Build Plumble from the sources

Different icons

There are currently three different icons for Plumble, which indicates different versions:

  • Plumble:
  • Plumble Free: same as above, but in grey
  • Plumble Nightly: same as above but in purple


You should disable the option „Load External Images“, see Increase security in Mumble.


Plumble has its own channel #plumble on freenode IRC. Though the developer is there very seldom only.

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