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 =====Download Plumble===== =====Download Plumble=====
-  * [[ncom>r/getmumble/plumble3_free|Plumble on Google Play]] (free of charge, with a donate button) +  * [[|Plumble on Google Play]] (free of charge, with a donate button) 
-  * [[ncom>r/getmumble/plumble3_paid|Plumble on Google Play]] (charged) +  * [[|Plumble on Google Play]] (charged) 
-  * [[ncom>r/getmumble/plumble3_fdroid|Plumble on F-Droid]] (free of charge) +  * [[|Plumble on F-Droid]] (free of charge) 
-  * [[|Plumble-Nightlies]] (development snapshots)+  * [[|Plumble-Nightlies]] (development snapshots)
 ====Lizenzen==== ====Lizenzen====
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