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Mumble for iOS

There is also an app for iOS, named “Mumble for iOS”. This app is an official part of the Mumble project.

Developer Mumble-Team, speziell Mikkel Krautz
Runs on iOS 5 and later
Current version 1.3.0 vom 12. März 2014
Download Link zum App Store
Price free of charge
Versionsstring “iPhone OS: Mumble for iOS <Version>”
Licence 3-clause BSD
Source code Mumble-iPhoneOS und Mumble-Kit
Logo Icon der App "Mumble for iOS"

News about Mumble for iOS


There are only few functions in this client, compared to the desktop clients.


See here.

Translate Mumble for iOS into other languages

Create a certificate

See here.

Import a certificate into iTunes

See here.

With jailbrake


There is another free client for iOS, named Mumblefy.

An outdated info page is
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