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Mumble Starter

With this shell script you can choose a portable Mumble to start from a directory of several Mumble portables. Though I use different settings for different servers and different certificates I use this start script.

The structure of /home/apps/mumble looks like:

|-- a_server0
|-- a_server1
|-- hoerspielabendbot-jack
|-- jack-nopulse
|-- jack-nopulse-debug
|-- lowquality
|-- nojack-pulse
|-- offi
|-- op
|-- skinning
`-- test

Parameters are handed over to Mumble.


$ -m
Choose a mumble instance to start and press [Enter]:
0 - a_server0
1 - a_server1
2 - hoerspielabendbot-jack
3 - jack-nopulse
4 - jack-nopulse-debug
5 - lowquality
6 - nojack-pulse
7 - offi
8 - op
9 - skinning
10 - test


Enter your number and press Enter.

The script

Graphical User Interface for the starter script

Add this simple shell script to your PATH and then start it with in KDE SC, etc…

Don't forget to adapt the „APPDIR“ variable in the script to fit on your system.

After executing you get the following window:

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