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Modules for Mumble Moderator


To use modules that can react to text message from users, for example !seen of the module seen, one needs to run a Mumble server of at least version Mumble 1.2.4 which introduced a callback named userTextMessage. See here (German).

List of Mumble Moderator modules described in this wiki

Modules not described here

Modules already contained in the default installation of Mumble Moderator

    You need at least Mumble 1.2.4, see above
    Usage: !seen username
    Moves users after a defined time to a defined channel; if the user becomes active he will not be moved back; see also DeafToAFK – Module for MuMo
    Prints all events with all parameters in the debug log of Mumble Moderator (MuMo)
    From the source code: This module manages ACL/channel movements based on battlefield 2 gamestate reported by Mumble positional audio plugins.
  • source
    see here

Installation of new modules

Ideas for new modules

Maybe someone wants to create them :)

  • !sethome
    • !sethome ice script für Mumble :)
    • !sethome lala – aktueller Kanal wird lala
    • !home lala, in den alten Kanal man geschoben wird :)
  • !invite user
    Moves the user into the current channel if he has permissions to and accepted the invitation.
  • Limit priority speaker to one channel and remove the status if a user switches channels.
  • Deafen specified users if an unregistered user enters the channel (useful for audio bots)
  • Right click on a user → opkick; kicks everyone but admins.
  • Renaming channel; every user who enters a channel gets renamed…

Test modules

Many of those modules are running on my Mumble server; if you are interested you are welcome to visit us.

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