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Antiflood – Module for Mumble Moderator

Though another module named DeafToAFK runs on our server and moves a user who muted and deafened himself into the AFK channel and back when they unmute/undeafen, it can be misused to spam …

This module kicks a user from the server if he exceeds a limit of actions within a timeframe (both can be changed).

Actions is everything related to status changes and sending messages.


  • When the limit is half exceeded the user gets a warning message for every other action within the timeframe.
  • Works if several virtual Mumble servers are running.
  • You can name a group whose members are excluded from the spam limits. The default name of this group is 'excludedfromantiflood'. Only the membership in the root channel counts.

The Code

The Code and the configuration file can be found on Github:




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