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AntiRecord Contextmenu – Module for MuMo

This is a Mumble Moderator module.

Most people don't like to be recorded without being asked.

With this script everyone on your Mumble server who starts recording without permission will be deafened or kicked.

There is a list of exceptions available; also an admin can give permission to record.

The code

The code and the configuration file can be downloaded from Github:


Video demonstration


  • Members of a configurable group can give other users the permission to record. The group membership is only relevant if defined in the root channel.
    This group can be changed through the variable canallowrecording in the .ini file.
    See here (German) for how to use the group editor.
  • If a user gets permission to record, the server sends a message about that to the channel.
  • If someone is recording with permission he will be deafened/kicked if permission is revoked.
  • The permission to record is only valid until a disconnect, based on the Session ID.
  • Per default an administrator can't permit himself to record, another admin must do it. Though this can be changed.* As punishment for recording you can kick or deafen someone (default is to deaf).
  • If someone is recording without permission and stops recording, he will automatically be undeafened.
  • One can create channels where recording is allowed. In the configuration example this applies to channel id 0 (root channel), 1 (first created channel on your server) and to 999. Before asking for support check whether you are in on of these channels :)


You must be a member of the group that is set in the variable canallowrecord in the .ini file of this module. After a reconnect you get two new entries if you right click a user:

  • Allow recording for this user
  • Disallow recording for this user

Also check „Server“ → „List users with permission to record“.



Of course I know that it is always possible to record something; at least this script works as a base protection against people without technical knowledge.

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