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MaxUsers – Module for MuMo

This plugin has become obsolete in the Mumble version 1.3.0 because in this version it is implemented into the Mumble-Server itself, see in my blog.

This Mumble Moderator modules can limit the user count of a channel. This functionality is already included in the official Mumble server but server wide only. usersperchannel. With this module one can set different limits per channel.

If a user enters a „full“ channel he will immediately be moved back to his previous channel.


Get the module from GitHub, see and read Installation of Modules for Mumble Moderator.

Or use my fork at which moves users into the default channel or root channel if a channel was removed while the user was in the AFK channel through the DeafToAFK – Module for MuMo.


  • Set a limit per channel or per server.
  • Define a group whose members are not affected by a limitation.
  • Define a channel where users will be moved into if their previous channel does not exist any more.

Use cases

  • Channel for private talks
  • Gaming channel without listeners


An example configuration can be found here.

On our server we use the following configuration:

servers = 
limit = 0
ret = 15
exceptions = admin

limit = 2
exceptions = moderator

limit = 4
exceptions = 
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