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Registerusers Contextmenu – Module for MuMo

With this Mumble Moderator module you can enable users of one or more groups to register new users on your server.

How it works

Every user who is member of one or more specific groups in the root channel gets a new context menu entry named „Register this user on our Server“.

If the new user provides a certificate he gets registered. If not the „admin“ gets a message. Almost done.

A disadvantage of registering a user through MumbleModerator/Ice is that he needs to reconnect to get the „Authenticated“ icon.


Why? There are Mumble permissions!

Yes, I know. But if you allow a user/group to register new users on your server he also is able to:

  • Rename all registered users.
  • Remove all registered users.
  • View IP addresses, certificates and all other details of all connected users.

Thats too much from my point of view and I want to have users/groups on my server who are only able to register someone, not everything else.


  • Specify one or more groups whose members are able to register new users.
  • Change message strings.
  • Works if several virtual Mumble servers are running.

The Code



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