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Sticky-Contextmenu – Module for MuMo

This is a Mumble Moderator module.

A user who gets the sticky status can't do more than sitting in one special channel. Even admins will loose their permissions while sticked with this module :)

This module is a port to MuMo of

The Script

The Script and the .ini-File can be downloaded from Github, see



  • Create a channel somewhere in your channel tree…
  • Create a group „stickyusers“ and add ACL entries which deny everything except Speak and Enter in your sticky channel (and Traverse for all prior levels).
  • Set sticky_channel= to the id of your sticky channel.
  • Set sticky_group= to the name of your „stickyusers“ group.
  • Change the other self explaining stuff to your needs.
  • Add the group names to „canstick“ whose members should be able to stick other users. Default is 'canstick=admin, moderator'
  • Have fun :)


Set sticky

Right click on the user and select „Stick this user“.


Right click on the user and select „Unstick this user“.

List sticked users

Click on „Server“ in the Mumble menu, then on „List sticked users“.


  • While in sticky status, nobody can do anything else than talking in the sticky channel. (Exception: Admins in the root channel still have their root permissions like kick/ban. Working on this …)
  • A user can't remove his sticky status even if he is an admin.
  • A user, even if admin, can't set another user to sticky status while he is in this status.
  • Sticky status is stored over reconnects.
  • When reconnecting, a sticky user gets a warning that he is still in sticky status.
  • You can't set sticky on yourself.
  • When the status is removed the user switches back to the previous channel.
  • Even if the user finds a channel he can enter he will be moved back immediately

Why temporary Groups?

This script uses temporary group membership because you can very easily fuck up your server :P using permanent groups.


  • An admin can still use his kick/ban permissions etc. but normally you don't stick admins :P


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