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Statistics: Munin Plugin for Mumble-Server (Murmur)

This Munin plugin queries values like user count, ban count, etc. from a Mumble server.

A result of this script is available here.


The script is available on GitHub, see

Download the script to anywhere, create a symlink in the munin plugin directory. Change your settings (see below) and restart Munin.


Configurat the values to show

You can edit the script and change which values should be shown in the statistics. To disable a value set the corresponding line to False, for example to disable ban cound, change to: show_ban_count = False


The path to the file.

It is not needed anymore because the plugin first tries to dynamically download the Ice file from Murmur itself. If this fails it uses the file defined in slicefile.


Include path for Ice. The default value should work for Debian.


Port of the Mumble server; this value is needed to display the correct port in the statistics and is not relevant for the plugin to work.

See server settings -> port.


Port where Ice listens for incoming connections.

See server settings -> Ice.


The password for access to Ice. Can be the icesecretread or the icesecretwrite password.


The default value (which is equal to the one the server uses) should be sufficient even for large servers.

See messagesizemax for details about messagesizemax.

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