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This shell script is used to copy the current database of my Mumble server onto the backup server. Several settings are changed before uploading the database.

How it works

  • Copy the last backup of the main server and change some server settings like the name of the server.
  • Remove old entries from the database to minimize the size (vacuum).
  • Stop the backup server.
  • Upload the database and chown it.
  • Start the backup server.

The output of this is: push
First step is to copy the backuped database into a temporary directory on your local host. Press Enter.
Copied database to temporary directory.
Next steps are text replacements for the temporary database. Press Enter.
OK - Replaced registerpasswort to not let the backup server appear in the serverlist :)
OK - Replaced registername into the backup server name.
OK - Replaced the welcometext message.
OK - Cleaned the database (vacuum).
Next step is to kill the running murmur server on the remote host. Press Enter.
OK - Killed murmur.x86.
Next step is to upload the database to the remote host. Press Enter.
murmur.sqlite                                                                                                                                                  100% 4510KB   1.1MB/s   1.6MB/s   00:04    
OK - Finished database uploading.
Next steps are chown the new database and starting the murmur server. Press Enter.
OK - chowned database on remote host and startet murmur server.
Next step is to remove temporarily created files on your local host.
rm: descend into directory `/tmp/8743'? y
rm: remove regular file `/tmp/8743/murmur.sqlite'? y
rm: remove directory `/tmp/8743'? y
OK - Removed temporary files.
Bye :)

Starting the script without push shows the current settings.

The script

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