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-Moved to [[nnew>GeoIP]]+======GeoIP====== 
 +With GeoIP one can get a location from an IP address. 
 +Databases from MaxMind: http://​​geoip/​legacy/​geolite/​. 
 +Free databases are mostly limited ​to resolve a country only; if one needs a better resolution one needs to pay for the service. Then an IP address can be resolved even into postalcodes,​ more or less exact. 
 +The [[:​mumble|Mumble project]] uses GeoIP, to sort [[mumble:​benutzerhandbuch:​murmur|Mumble servers]] in the public [[mumble:​benutzerhandbuch:​mumble:​serverliste|serverlist]]. 
 +=====Wrong data?​===== 
 +Sometimes an IP address is being resolved into a wrong country; to update it, use https://​​en/​correction. 
 +====Anonymous proxies==== 
 +  * http://​​en/​anonymous_proxies 
 +{{tag>​GeoIP IP address Internet}}
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