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Gobi2000 on ArchLinux

This WWAN card is included in my Lenovo Thinkpad X201.



  • Don't forget to install, enable and run ModemManager:

systemctl enable ModemManager

systemctl start ModemManager



Add a network manager connection withouth the GUI

I couldn't create a mobile connection using the KDE GUI of network manager; instead I needed to set the connection up with nmcli:

nmcli connection add type gsm ifname DEVICENAME apn

You get the DEVICENAME via

nmcli d | grep gsm

Known problems

Mobile connection not listed in available connections in Network Manager

Sometimes the mobile connection does not appear even if the modem is enabled. In this case start the networkmanager gui, edit the mobile connection entry and click on “Ok” or “Save”. Now “Connect” is available for the connection and it appears in the available connections.

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