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Notes for Raspbian

Some notes for the installation and configuration of Raspian on my Raspberry Pie I Rev. B.

Use case

  • MPD
  • Kodi, mostly for sound only
  • Sound goes to external USB Soundcard
  • Mumble (?) as a radio :P
  • SSH Server



Install packages

  • sudo apt-get install htop tmux vim kodi alsa-utils openbox mpd mc mpc mpg321 lame mplayer pavucontrol pulseaudio pulseaudio-module-zeroconf
  • rpi-update



  • disable_overscan=1


  • static ip address


  • nameserver x.x.x.x


  • First ssh-copy-id
  • Then change port
  • Set „PasswordAuthentication no“

fstab USB Stick as home

  • Move data to stick
  • add it to fstab as /home


  • Set bind address to „any“
  • Change default paths to /home/music/…

External USB soundcard

Change index for driver of usb soundcard to make it the default card…


Disable authentication for native-tcp…

Then you may start on your local machine:

PULSE_SERVER= pavucontrol
  • Also disable realtime bla stuff in daemon.conf:
    • high-priority = no
    • realtime-scheduling = no

Some applications like my browser still have laaaaaaaggs when moving the sound to my raspberry over network; in such cases use:

PULSE_SERVER=IP.of.your.pi browser-bin

browser-bin then uses the pulseaudio server of your pi without the need to tunnel it through whatever…


  • enable it in /etc/default/kodi
  • Install and use the reFocus theme which needs less CPU than the default one. (thanks @n. for this :))
  • also change USER to „pi“ because of PulseAudio access which runs for user pi
  • in Systemsettings change audio output to pulseaudio stuff. Do a restart of your pi after that or it won't run at all…
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