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MPD (Music Player Daemon)

title=MPD (Music Player Daemon) |writtenin=[[uses programming language::C++]] |operartingsystem=[[Linux]] |type=[[Music]] |website=[]

mpd_music_player_daemon sammelsurium/software/audio/player/mpd MPD (Music Player Daemon) is a software, which can play its music to versatile outputs like soundcards, streams, named pipes (FIFO), etc. There are several clients to control a MPD server. The music output itself is always done on the server, not within the clients.

Clients für MPD

See for a complete list.

MPD clients

* [ GMPC] – Windows and Linux

Web clients

Android clients
Replacements for MPD

This program emulates a MPD server and is able to play music from Spotify. * Mopidy:

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Output plugins
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