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Watch 18+ videos on Youtube without the need to log in

Youtube changed this; does not work anymore.

Long ago I noticed one video on Youtube, which I could see when it was embedded, but not on its normal video page. There you could see the message:

Title of the Video
This video blablabla Content, for you blablabla

To see the video you would need to login into an account where you set your age to 18+.

After some tests one can say that most videos can be viewed with this trick :)

Three options to watch those videos

Option 1 – Use a Web page to rewrite the URL

nidx/yt18/ (does not work anymore, but still works with mpv)

Option 2 – Rewrite the URL by hand

Just rewrite it from or


Option 3 – Embed the video in your own Website (even locally)

Search for „embed youtube video“ in your $SEARCHENGINE …


I know, you can create an account and set a wrong age, but the url rewriting is very helpful in conjunction with a slow proxy.<br />Also I wonder in many cases, why Google „censors“ such videos…

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