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Sticky (Stille Treppe)

A user who gets the sticky status can't do more than sitting in one special channel.
Even admins will loose their permissions while in ST status :)

Don't use this, there is a bug that blocks all interactions with the server after an unknown amount of time …
If this happens you must kill -9 the script.

Instead use the following script which was ported to MuMo: Sticky – Module for MuMo.


  • While in sticky status, nobody can do anything else than talking in the sticky channel.
  • A user can't remove his sticky status even if he is an admin.
  • A user, even if admin, can't set another user to sticky status while he is in this status.
  • Sticky status is stored over reconnects.
  • When reconnecting, a sticky user gets a warning that he is still in sticky status.
  • Uses callbacks to display two context menu entries.
  • You can't set sticky on yourself.
  • When the status is removed the user switches back to the previous channel.

What you need to do

  • Create a channel somewhere in your server tree…
  • Create a group „stickyusers“ and add ACL entries which deny everything except Speak and Enter in your sticky channel (and Traverse for all prior levels).
  • Set st_channel= to the id of your sticky channel.
  • Set st_group= to the name of your „stickyusers“ group.
  • Change the other self explaining stuff to your needs.
  • Have fun :)

Das Script

Das Script gibt es bei github:


  • Nach x Zeit funktioniert gar nichts mehr auf dem Server bis man das Scrippt killt … Strg+C fürs laufende Script bringt nichts mehr.
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